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Proctored exam.

I initially replied to the wrong person, but here are my questions again, I can't wait until I'm past the stumbling stage!

I've been reading about Proctored exams, but still have questions.  I'm studying for Associate in Accounting.  Everyone's talking about the essays. How long is it and how many, how long does we have to take it.  Some are talking about multiple exams in one day?? My writing knowledge isn't very good, I haven't studied that yet.  Will the punctuation, spelling, word usage be graded Is there a place I can go to study up on that?

Also, I understand the information on the proctored exams get sent to my proctor.  When, and when she receives the info do I call to schedule when I take it.  Are there any time limitations after the materials are received that the test has to be done?

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    Hi RuthAnn. I will e-mail you the proctor exam booklet that will explain everything regarding the proctor exams you need to know. I will send it to the e-mail address we have on file in a PDF format. If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to ask your question via phone/e-mail/community.