Does Penn Foster accept FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)?

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    Penn Foster does not accept FAFSA for any Degree, Diploma, or Certificate program.


    Title IV schools offer Federal Financial Aid, including FAFSA, but must be either "Full-Time" or "Half-Time" status according to the government requirements. Penn Foster offers its programs with a self-paced and independent study strategy. This allows students a greater flexibility with their studies. However, since we are not considered "Full-Time" or "Half-time", we do not qualify as a Title IV school and do not offer, nor accept, FAFSA government funding.


    The alternative is that your tuition is much lower, payment plans are available, and students get the option to work at their own pace. This is very beneficial to single moms, full-time workers, and for students who prefer to study independently without the rigors of a traditional college schedule.


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