How to set Adobe Reader as your default PDF viewer

Version 3

    Setting Adobe as Default PDF Viewer

    Instructions to set Adobe Reader as default .pdf viewer for your PC

    1. Go to Control Panel from the “Start” menu.
    2. Under Programs, choose Default Programs
    3. Choose Set Associations (Vista), or Associate a file type or protocol with a program. (Windows 7)
    4. Find “.pdf” in the list of file associations.
    5. Select Change Program, and choose Adobe Reader from the list.
    6. Click Ok

    *PDF files should now open automatically in Adobe Reader*

    Google Chrome

    Instructions to set Adobe Reader as the default in-browser PDF reader.


    1. Enter chrome://plugins into Chrome’s address bar. (This will bring you to the screen below)


    2. Click Disable next to “Chrome PDF Viewer” (Shown above)

    3. Ensure that “Adobe Reader” is Enabled and Always allowed (Shown Above)