Digital Study Guides FAQ

Version 8

    Please note: As of 12/2013, all study guides are now 100% digital and will not be shipped.


    Why are Penn Foster study guides moving to a digital-only format?


    At Penn Foster, our mission is and always has been to provide our students quality education at an affordable price. With the rising costs for printing and shipping, providing study guides in a digital-only format allows us to keep our programs at the same affordable price.  Plus, digital study guides offer you many advantages, including:

    • You can graduate sooner and achieve your goals faster.  You will be able to start learning right away, and keep learning without having to wait for study guides to be mailed to you.
    • You will have access to the latest information. Any necessary content changes and updates are made immediately to the PDF file and posted online, ensuring you are learning the most current, relevant information - as opposed to waiting for materials to be printed and shipped.
    • You can quickly find the information you need, when you need it.  With the Adobe search tool, finding information is quick and easy with your digital study guides.
    • You can learn in the way that’s right for you and take advantage of the accessibility.  Open your digital study guide PDF to read your coursework, or use Adobe Reader’s Read Aloud feature, or another screen reader, to listen to your coursework.
    • You can reduce your clutter and be green. Learn more easily without all the distracting clutter - now you can print only the study guide pages you need.


    In addition to the benefits listed above, transitioning to a digital-only format is Eco-friendly and underscores Penn Foster's core value to "Take care of the Earth and give back to the community in which we live and work."


    Is Penn Foster still sending out study guides?


    We are transitioning our study guide delivery to a digital-only format. As we make this transition, we will continue to ship out our current stock of printed study guides. As these stocks are depleted shipments of study guides will cease.


    When will study guides completely stop shipping?


    We estimate that the transition to digital only study guides will be complete by 12/20/2013.


    Do I still have to pay shipping and handling?


    Yes –The shipping and handling charge is not being waived, as you will still receive textbooks and course materials in the mail. The only items that will cease being shipped are study guides.


    I don’t have access to a computer or high speed internet.  How will I access my study guides?


    Nearly all of our programs require regular access to high speed internet and a PC or laptop. Libraries are often a great place to access the internet and find printing options, if needed.


    How will I do my studies if I am not at my computer?


    Our study guides are formatted in PDF and are easily viewed through a smartphone, tablet or laptop, if on the go.


    What if I prefer printed materials to reading online?


    Our main goal is to keep the education and programs as cost-effective as possible, so instead of raising prices as shipping and printing costs increase, we are making adjustments to the programs to help keep costs low. We will be transitioning to digital study guides over the next few months, so it will not be immediate. We encourage you to try the digital format and see how it works over this time period.


    Can I use my computer to access my study guides during the Proctor Exam?


    As students are still receiving paper study guides, they are not permitted to use computers during the proctored exam. When the supply of paper study guides has been exhausted for any course that contains a proctored exam, we will  update the guidelines. Penn Foster is closely monitoring the situation as it affects courses with proctored exams.