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    Does Penn Foster really care about the military?

      Penn Foster named military friendly school for 2013!


      Penn Foster slap a $7100 bill that the government wants back. I was awarded half-time tuition from July 2011 to July 2012. I finish all my courses in-time but had to retake one class that I paid for upfront. Penn Foster sent my certification to VA stating I went over my time limit and VA decided to deduct over $500 a month for the prior year. First of all, how can VA take back money that I was awarded last year. Second. Penn Foster does not care about my $7100 bill and is not helping me with this problem. I called VA and was told that my retake class that I paid for should not had been submitted as a extension and for the school to resend the certification. I told Penn Foster about my conversation with VA and the rep' said, " VA is not always right". A bunch of BULL!!!! VA told me they can not fix the problem and the problem is with the school. Penn Foster said they had nothing to do with it. THE SCHOOL HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH IT. This problem is going on its second week and VA has just sent me a debt letter. I am not paying $7100 and Penn Foster needs to fix this fast.