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    Regional Accreditation


      Penn Foster is accredited with the MSA-CESS (Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools http://www.msa-cess.org/RelId/33637/ISvars/default/Home.htm). However, Penn Foster is NOT listed as being accredited on the main MSA page (http://www.middlestates.org/).

      At my place of work, they do tuition reimbursement, however, a school needs to be regionally accredited. Because Penn Foster is not accredited through the MSA, and is only accredited through MAS-CESS, my work will not reimburse should I decide to attend Penn Foster.


      Does anyone know why? Why is Penn Foster on the MSA-CESS page, but not the MSA page? Why are they not one in the same? Or why is Penn Foster not accredited through the MSA as well?