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    Regional Accreditation


      Penn Foster is accredited with the MSA-CESS (Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools http://www.msa-cess.org/RelId/33637/ISvars/default/Home.htm). However, Penn Foster is NOT listed as being accredited on the main MSA page (http://www.middlestates.org/).

      At my place of work, they do tuition reimbursement, however, a school needs to be regionally accredited. Because Penn Foster is not accredited through the MSA, and is only accredited through MAS-CESS, my work will not reimburse should I decide to attend Penn Foster.


      Does anyone know why? Why is Penn Foster on the MSA-CESS page, but not the MSA page? Why are they not one in the same? Or why is Penn Foster not accredited through the MSA as well?




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          Michael Loggans

          Hello David and thank you for your questions.


          Let me clarify that Penn Foster is made up of three entities.


          1. Penn Foster High School

          2. Penn Foster Career School

          3. Penn Foster College


          The High School and Career School are both Regionally and Nationally Accredited whereas the College is Nationally Accredited only. This may be the reason why you see the disparity. Are you trying to take a College course with us or a Continuing Education (Career School) course with us? If you are interested in taking a College level course and your work only reimburses Regionally Accredited Colleges, Penn Foster College will not qualify under those reimbursement policies. Hope this helps to clarify.



          Admissions Counselor

          Penn Foster