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    So bummed out, can't get my RHIT/RHIA...

      So now that I graduated I wanted to get my RHIT or RHIA certification but this is the responce I recieved this morning.

      The RHIT requires an associate degree in Health Information Technology from a CAHIIM accredited program.  The RHIA requires a Bachelors in Health Information Management from a CAHIIM accredited program.

      I am so frustrated I wish I would have know before all this time and money that Penn Foster is not accreditied in any way to help student achieve this in the Health Information Management AS program  .

      Having a hard time finding a transcription job becasue they want 2-5 years experience or for you to be certified with the RHIT/RHIA.  Not sure what to do now.

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          What was the schools response to this?

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            Is Health Information Technology now called Health Care Management? I see nothing listed under HIT in their offerings of A.S. programs.

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              Not all organizations require the AHIMA certifications. Have you tried applying at office-based physician practices, nursing homes, home health agencies, mental health facilities, and public health agencies?

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                  @ tori2012 I just was reading that last night. I have only looked on the job sites in my area many of them require experience, I don't have any as a HIM just the 200 practicum hours but I have 20 years as a nurse and that doesn't seem to help. I'm going to just keep applying and see what happens, I certainly will not give up I worked to hard for this.

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                      Hey, D. Marie...I am currently enrolled in the HIT program and recently went to the AHIMA website, and there is no way possible that I will be able to sit for my CCS exam.  The reason, Penn Foster does not offer Pathophysiology and Pharmacology in my program, which is an AHIMA requirement.  I guess I should have known better when I didn't find Penn Foster listed as an accredited school on the AHIMA site.  I feel like I have not only wasted my time, but that of the VA because I have used quite a bit of my GI Bill to pay for this program!  Right now I am in my third semester and going to finish up, fulfill my financial obligations and attempt to transfer out.  My mother has worked as an RHIT/Coding Reimbursement Specialist for 30 years now, and she was a bit skeptical when I enrolled in this program, but I didn't listen.  Anyway, I'm not sure how all of this is going to play out for me, but I'm definitely going to look into other schools and programs.  I'm all for helping other students who are in somewhat similar situations as myself, so if you have any questions or need help, I can certainly ask my mother.  She is definitely trying to get me out of this situation!


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                          Hi, I am in my first semester of HCM and reading these comment I don't want to continue this program after I have completed the semester.  I must say the information is quite interesting.  I wish penn foster would get accredit.  However thinking of it that is why they are affordable.  Marie I am sorry to know you are disappointed.

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                            Thank you so much, I just finished Nov. 5, 2012 and have been looking  for a job but most want the certification or 2-5 years experience. When I read the info I swear it said you can sit for the RHIT/RHIA test but no where did it say you have to go to an accredited school. Now I just want to find out how I can transfer my credits possibly and get the accredited school  and receive a degree. Good luck to you!! I personally think you are smart to transfer now because you can get into the accredited school and earn your degree, I have to go for my BA and it took me just over four years to get this one. The school is good they just do not have what employers are looking for in a school that gave you this degree.

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                        I got this from another post but thought it should be shared here.


                        "Upon completion of the program in Health Information Technology, students will be prepared for entry level positions in the medical records departments of hospitals, ambulatory and long-term care facilities, 2. psychiatric facilities, insurance companies, and state and federal agencies. 3. In these venues, students will be prepared to analyze health data for completeness, accuracy and quality. 4. They will code health data and deal with medical and legal issues regarding health records and quality improvement. 5. Job titles include coding specialist, medical records technician, medical transcriptionist, intake coordinator and unit coordinator.

                        Our HIT program is not certified by the AHIMA. Graduates of Penn Foster College's Health Information Technology Associate Degree Program may sit for the Certified Coding Associate or the CCS Certified Coding Specialist credential exams offered by the AHIMA (American Health Information Management Association). Graduates are also eligible to sit for the Certified Professional Coder examination offered by the American Academy of Professional Coders.

                        What that is stating is that NO our program is not certified by AHIMA ( you cant just finish your Penn Foster program and be certified) BUT you can get certified by AHIMA after completing the program by taking the CCS Certified Coding Specialist credential exams through AHIMA. "

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                            That is what I am going to do, get my degree then I will just go to the AHIMA site and pay the fee to get the coding certification, it is upsetting the way PF worded it but, I should have done my homework better and noticed that.


                            But the worse that will happen is I will have to pay out of pocket for the CCS exam.


                            Thank you for the information!

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                            I am a new student and just want to add. you can sit for the cpc with no degree.  D. Marie Dockter.  I notice this was an old thread, but for those interested in being certified.  please check out aapc.com

                            upon completion of certifying you will receive a cpc-a (apprentice)