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    Sudden Drastic changes in mood in a cat


      What could be some reasons for very sudden and drastic mood changes in a cat? I have a neutered male 10 month old cat who is experiencing sudden changes in mood as well as bouts of lethargy. One day he will be very lethargic and only eats a little bit, but the next day he is hyperactive and wants to eat everything in sight. As far as his moods go he will be very nice one and with the snap of your fingers he is trying to tear your eyes out. I would say overall this started a week to 2 weeks ago. He is also fighting with my other cat and my dog which he never used to do and my dog is a whole 100 pounds bigger than he is. Today I was petting him and he bit me extremely hard and now I have two very deep punctures on my hand. This is not like him at all. Are there any medical reasons that could cause this? Should I take him to see his veterinarian for this issue?