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    Graphic Design


      I just wanted to see how many people are in the graphic design associates degree program. I also would like to know if PENNFOSTER were to have a bachelor's degree for graphic design, how many people would take their education to the next step? Personally, I would like it if PENNFOSTER had a bachelor's degree for graphic design! I would aim high!

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          I'm currently in the undergrad certificate program for graphic design, but I absolutely love the program and plan to continue with the Associates degree.  If Penn Foster were to offer a Bachelor's degree program for graphic design I would definitely consider it.  If you want to work as a freelance designer or at a smaller design firm you may be able to get by with a great portfolio and an Associates degree, but a Bachelor's degree is usually required if you want to work in the art department at a larger company.  I've looked into other schools that offer online Bachelors degrees but their tuition runs about $10-25k per year depending on the school, plus books and fees.  Yikes!

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            I have my Bachelors in Business, but I am seeking my Associate in Graphic Design. I also researched career criteria, and it is true, many require a Bachelor Degree. I am self employed and provide for my daughter, So a traditional school is not possible for me with the hours I work. I would be interested in getting a BS in Graphic Design from Penn Foster, but I like the pay as you go approach. Because I have a BS degree, I can't get a grant, nor am I willing to get student loans, as I do not want to take on debt.  It would be interesting to know what online classes would accept an Associate from Penn Foster that is reasonable, and what options are out there, if any.  I do have Southwest Art Business, So for me at my age, freelance is probably my biggest opportunity, but would prefer just to design and take a break from the  business end.