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    Writing Classes


      So....I need to ask....just how long is it going to take to get my writing assignments graded??? I am in semester 4 the Business and Technical Writing class. I submitted my first assignment last Saturday. There are still an additional 4 assignments to go. If each assignment is going to take over a week or more to get a grade this class could potentially take a very long time. It certainly seems like the sort of class you could test out of too, but I have never had that option with any of my non-vet tech classes unfortunately. I think students that started after me were offered an option for the Information Literacy and possibly one other class. I can understand this particular class being useful, but being 45 years old I have already spent over 2 decades in a business environment. Hands on experience should count for something! Who is even the instructor for this class? My only saving grace is that I believe it will not have a proctored exam. SIGH. The waiting is the hardest part!