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    Tree Frog Leg Amputation!

      I just wanted to share a surgery that I helped with a couple of months ago.  Gimpy the Tree Frog is doing great and is getting around his enclosure very well on only 3 legs!

      gimpy1.jpgHere we are administering MS222 to Gimpy the tree frog in his personal induction chamber to perform a leg amputation. We submerged him in distilled water mixed with the anesthetic in a Ziploc bag until he was anesthetized.

      gimpy 2.jpgDr. Megan Puchlerz skillfully amputated Gimpy’s right hind leg after it had been caught in his enclosure. She sutured the site to prevent any bleeding and infection

      gimpy 3.jpg(This is me!!) Saranna Doheny getting ready to recover Gimpy from surgery. During the surgery Saranna monitored his heart beat and administered more MS222 mixed with water to keep him successfully under anesthesia.

      gimpy 4.jpgTo wake him up from surgery, we flushed warm water over his body to rinse away the anesthetic. Once he started to blink, he was placed back into his enclosure to finish waking up on his own. He was moving around the enclosure 2 hours after surgery.