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    what do you need for a webinar ?


      hello, I have never went to one of these and I was jut wondering who new what do I need for this ? i have head phones but do I need ones that Have a mic on them too or how do I do that?

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          If you have a computer with speakers that is all you need. When you sign up for class you get a confirmation email with a link that you will click on to join the webinar at the scheduled time. It will log you in and you will be able to see the instructors presentation. You don't need a mic because you will be in listen only mode so you can hear the instructor but they can't hear you. There is a chat box that will allow you to ask or answer questions during class.

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              Here is some more info from CITRIX (the company that "hosts" our webinars for us) in regards to the best way to avoid/correct connection problems:


              These are suggestions from Citrix for those students who may experience connection issues during their webinars:


              1) Minimum DSL bandwidth speed = 700 kbps


              2)  RAM for Windows >2 GB; Mac >1 GB  (Mac’s are not recommended for Vet Tech webinars)


              3)  If streaming is slow, try using phone(landline or cell)  for audio instead of VoiP to see if that helps.


              4)  Do not use a cell phone or electronic device (Ex. iPad) to attend webinars (for video & audio).


              5)  Close down all other programs on computer while attending any webinar.


              6)  When using a laptop, if wifi strength isn’t adequate, attendance may not be recorded.


              If you are having problems with your webinar connection, call or go online for Citrix support & assistance; do not call Penn Foster.


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              okay thank you very much and yes I got the email with the link and everything, its this week I just wasnt sure if I needed anything else