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    peen foster scam


      hi ive been enrolled for awhile now and just recently started reading about it being a scam and your high school diploma is only good  for certain colleges what is this about and am i paying for something i cant even use to get to college?

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          I just read an article, by someone who learned that most colleges don&#39;t accept diplomas from a &quot;nationally&quot; accredited school, but from &quot;regionally&quot; accredited schools. Well, when you go to www.pennfosterhighschool.com , it says RIGHT at the top that it is &quot;Regionally and Nationally Accredited&quot;. This is the first I&#39;ve heard of this, and I don&#39;t know what to say other than contact the colleges you&#39;re interested in and make sure they&#39;ll accept the diploma from Penn Foster.</p>


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            Amber is correct. Our High School Diploma is both Regionally &amp; Nationally Accredited. Penn Foster High School is licensed by the Pennsylvania State Board of Private Licensed Schools. So our High School Diploma is essentially equivalent to a High School Diploma from a private school in Pennsylvania. Here is a link to our accreditation. www.pennfoster.edu/.../certification.html

            That being said you should always contact any colleges or universities that you wish to attend to ask if they will accept an online High School Diploma before enrolling. No school can guarantee your acceptance into a college or university.