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    Medical Dosage Calculations?


      hello everybody,


      I'm currently starting out my second semester of Penn Foster's vet tech program and have started out on medical dosage calculations however i'm having a bit of a hard time with some problems. If someone would be willing to show me how to set up the problems to solve, it would be most appreciated ( i'm not looking for someone to solve the problems for me, I just need a little help setting up the problems).


      1. 6 3/5 / 11 ( I keep getting 9/55 which isn't correct)


      2. 12.5% ( I have to turn it into a faction and decimal)


      3. 17 1/2% ( I also have to turn it into a faction and decimal)


      4. What is 20% of 80?


      5. The number of patients in the hospital has increased from 160 to 200. What is the percent of change?


      6.A patient weighed 400 pounds before a diet program. After the program she weighed 280 pounds. What was the percent of change in the patient's weight?


      Again, I'm not looking for the answers, my math skills are just a little rusty and I'm just needing a little help. Thanks for looking ya'll!