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    Llama Humming Video

      To everyone who was asking in my webinar today about the Llama humming; here is a video so you can hear what it sounds like!


      Llama Humming - YouTube

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          Not at all what I had expected!

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            Loved it! Spent four years near my brothers in northern Nevada. any people have alpaca's and llamas. They are precious. I love all of your videos. I get to see the alpacas once a year at the Orange County Fair! I so love you as my favorite teacher, as you are informative, nice, and you go out of your way to provide the best visuals, via video, powerpoint etc. Once again Thank you.


            P.S. There is a farm out here call "Oasis Camel Farm". I am going to go. They have alpacas as well. It is a non-profilt reserve? Anyway, Amy it is so cool, they make soaps and lotions out of the milk. I also received some terrific soap from a friend from goatstuff.com. Best and softest soap ever. I obviously don't know you or your age, but for me, 51 years old being raised at the beach the goat soap was the most moisturizing ever. No harm to animals as they use the milk! Any, I always get chatty with you but I just am so enthusiastic and interested in your postings. Thank you!