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    I graduated, when will my diploma come? HELP ME

      Okay, so I just complete all of my exams a couple days ago, am I supposed to get a message congratulating me on completing my exams? Will they just mail my diploma to me without notifying me? I have failed a couple exams but that hasn't brought my total over-all grade down. Do I HAVE to go re-take those failed exams, and if I do, and I still fail (i'll try not to fail haha) will I still get my over-all grade and diploma? I did not fail any subjects but i'm confused. help me please.

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          Good evening,

          When you take an exam, you will receive a "congratulations". At least that is what I have been receiving each time I do well on the exam. I would highly suggest that you retake the exams you didn't pass. Exams can be daunting but do not let that slow you down. The reason to retake the exams is to be able to show your employer, or next degree that you have success with the particular material. Even though your average is still in the good range, some colleges, or universities, or even schools may want to look at the transcript. So not passing an exam may or may not be something that you would want to show to them.

          I do believe that once all the "I's" are dotted and the "T's" are crossed, you will receive your diploma. Do not hesitate to give pennfoster a call. They are always available to help you!

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            I would retake the failed exams, even if it's not required. This will help you to increase your scores on your transcripts.


            Then before you would recieve the diploma, your account will have to be paid in full. ( owe Penn Foster 0.00 dollars).


            Are you going to go on to a degree program at Penn Foster? I would suggest it.


            Congratulations on your accomplishment,


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              Hi Megan,

              I'm sending you a direct message to let you know what you need to do to graduate.

              Your fellow students have given some good advice which I would like to add to for all students in general.  Students should be careful about "accepting" failing grades just to finish quicker.  It's important to average your grades together to make sure the result is a grade of 65% or higher to pass the subject.  Also, the retakes must be taken within 30 days or the original grade will be the one kept.