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    Enrollment with GED


      I have a copy of my GED  I dont have official transcript of GED test scores. I dont know what you mean by "offical". It took me a long time to get the copies I have, I dont want to wait forever to get started or pay for new copies.  what are my options?

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          Hello and thank you for your question. Here is the verification policy - note at the bottom tells you what to do if you do not meet one of the standard requirements.

          Listed below are the only completion documents we will accept as official proof:

          • An official high school transcript showing date of successful completion

          • An official transcript of GED test scores

          • An official transcript from an accredited institution demonstrating that you have completed at least 12 semester credits with a grade of C or higher

          • A military DD Form 214 indicating that you have completed high school

          • A completion document appropriately authenticated by government authority that attests to the successful completion of a program considered

          equivalent to a high school diploma or GED. This may include a “leaving out” form or General Certificate of Education

          • An official home-schooling completion document from the authorized schooling supervisor. A copy of standardized test scores may be required depending

          on the documentation provided.

          • For Penn Foster High School graduates, your 8-digit high school student number

          If a student cannot obtain one of the above items they can do the following:

          In the rare instance that a school or testing agency cannot provide one of the above types of documentation, students must fill out a Request for Exception to Admission Standards form. Please contact student services at 1-888-427-1000 to obtain this form.

          Also, verification is generally required within 30 days of enrollment so you can still start. We understand that this happens and you are not the first person to worry so do not let that stop you from starting. You can contact Student Services after your enrollment if you need to do the Request for Exception.

          Let me know what else I can do to help. Thank you.