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    Transfer Credits


      I am new at PF, and am possibly transferring credits from another school.  My transcript has been mailed from the other school.  Once PF receives my transcript, how long does it take to find out if any of my credits transferred? If I were able to transfer credits, would my tuition cost be lowered?

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          It took about 10 days for my transcripts to get to Penn Foster. They arrived on the 3rd and were sent out to be evaluated on the 10th.  The lady in student services told me that they should be posted to my account by the 18th the very latest.  I literally just talked to her today.  So, it takes some time but they have thousands of students to deal with each day.  Calls and emails to follow up don't hurt     Also, on the website it states that they will credit you back for the courses that you get the credit for.